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Legal counseling services can be provided, in appropriate cases, based on a therapeutic perspective of law that focuses on, among other aspects, the law's impact on the client's emotional life and psychological well-being. These are areas that have not received very much attention in law offices or the legal community until recently. Attention is focused on this previously underappreciated aspect, humanizing the law and concerning itself with the human, emotional, psychological side of law and the legal process. The goal is to discover with the client ways in which the law can be applied in a more therapeutic way so long as other values, such as justice and due process, can be fully respected.

It is important to recognize that this approach does not suggest that therapeutic goals should trump other ones. It does not support paternalism, coercion, and so on. It is simply a way of looking at legal services in a richer way, and then bringing to the table some of these areas and issues that previously have gone unnoticed. Mr. McCray often suggests that we consider these issues and see if they can be factored into the process of legal represention.

The law office also seeks to provide services that include a more preventive approach to legal issues and problems and which minimize the risk of litigation while securing more certainty as to the clients' legal rights and duties. The law office provides counseling services that attempt to avoid legal problems, disputes, and litigation through creative application of legal planning, legal drafting and alternative dispute resolution techniques. Should you believe one or more of these approaches may be relevent to your legal situation please inquire into these goals and approaches during your consultation with Mr. McCray.

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